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Privacy doesn’t have to be boring!

Privacy is more than just laws…it’s a feeling…it’s a vibe.

Tailored Talks

Sex, Drugs and Privacy. Privacy & Design: From Laws to Norms

Dignity By Design: Designing for the Lifeworld

Is your team looking for inspiring new ways to think about privacy, dignity and design? I’ve got the perfect solution for you – A 60min rollercoaster talk that will provide a shot of law, sociology, critical theory and design thinking all packaged in a fun and fast-paced presentation. My staple talk on ‘Sex, Drugs and Privacy. Privacy & Design: From Laws to Norms’ has received acclaim internationally for the unique way it approaches privacy and the combination of theory, practical solutions and its very special pop-quiz. My new talk on ‘Dignity by Design: Designing for the Lifeworld‘ challenges participants to consider different ways of viewing context, and expanding the idea of the product or service journey into the lifeworld. Talks can be tailored to your organisation and can be delivered in-person if you’re in Melbourne, or online for anywhere else in the world.

Tailored Workshops

Moving beyond Co-Design: “The Tyranny of Participation”

Designing for Privacy & Data Governance

What’s better than a tailored talk…a tailored workshop! I LOVE facilitating workshops…let’s be honest though, who doesn’t. For designers, these workshops can be a great way to critically reflect on inbuilt assumptions in our design practice. My ‘Moving Beyond Co-Design’ workshop grew out of a panel discussion I was part of in 2019 where I critiqued the mindless drive towards co-design without any underlying theory. This critique came at the end of a long struggle in my own research to try and ‘fit’ the recipe of co-design into an imperfect reality. For service providers and product designers, ‘Designing for Privacy and Data Governance’ will give you the opportunity to reflect on where ‘privacy experiences’ arise in your product or service, and how you can design for these.

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