Hi, I’m Tim

I’m striving for an information-driven world that is equitable and just.

I’m passionate about

Privacy & Data Governance

My main area of interest is new forms of data governance and approaches to privacy by design. I have presented a number of talks and papers on the topic of participatory data governance.

Digital Health

A key focus of my PhD and research has been on the design of digital health technologies, specifically within the mental health context. I take a critical approach to health informatics, with a focus in equity, justice and participatory design.

Public Health

I hold a Masters in Public Health, with a focus on health system design and digital health. I’ve also worked on health promotion campaigns and clinician education programs. I continue to have an interest in the intersection of information technologies, public health and equity.


Much of my work has been in community development and thinking about how to create environments for for participation. I am especially interested in participatory approaches to governance and regulation.


Research Fellow

2019 – Present

I am a Research Fellow in Regulation and Design at the Melbourne School of Government. In this role I am working on projects around smart cities, wage theft, regulatory design and health data governance.

Project Lead

2019 – Present

I currently lead the ‘Digitising Social Care Project’ at the School of Computing and Information Systems. This is a Melbourne Disability Institute Funded project with a focus on disability services.

PhD Candidate

2018 – Present

My PhD in the Melbourne School of Engineering – School of Computing and Information Systems focuses on the critical design of digital health technologies in mental health contexts.

Independent Consultant

2017 – Present

I’ve worked as an independent consultant on a number of public health, data governance and digital health projects.