Hi! I’m Tim

I’m passionate about…

Privacy | Mental Health | Design Ethics | Governance | Emerging Tech | Participation | Community

Who am I?

I am a mental health advocate, PhD candidate, and community development practitioner who is passionate about ensuring our information-driven world is equitable and just for all people, especially those with a lived experience of mental illness. I’m currently researching in the space of digital health ethics, privacy and smart cities.

I currently work as a research fellow in regulation and design at the Melbourne School of Government. I focus on designing and organising research and events on topics related to regulatory design and emerging technologies. I am also a PhD candidate at the School of Computing and Information Systems. My PhD explores information sharing in the mental health system and takes a participatory approach to designing information systems that maintain people’s privacy and dignity.

I also lead a project exploring the digitisation of disability services in Australia. This project focuses on understanding knowledge management practices in disability services and how they are adopting information technologies.

I’ve always been interested in community and technology. My experience as a young carer helped frame these interests through the lens of equity and justice. In our increasingly connected and digital world, where we feel community is dissolving, I am interested in the ethics of new technologies, and the future role of community.

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